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 Präventionsprojekt gegen extremistischen  
 Salafismus & islamistischen Terrorismus 


The Kopfsache (Use Your Head) project was launched by the Mönchengladbach police force in cooperation with the city council and its school and sports programme. Special sessions are held at selected schools to throw light on the dangers of extremist Salafism and Islamic terrorism. Kopfsache is therefore intended as a primary preventative project aimed at empowering young people and raising awareness against the radical extremist influences presented by Salafism. It gives school students from 14 to 19 years of age the opportunity to learn about and engage with this sensitive subject matter on a cognitive and emotional level.



Project aims

• Empower the target group and raise awareness against conversion attempts

• Explain the transition from extremist Salafism to Islamic terrorism

• Prevent general suspicion against all Muslims

• Raise awareness amongst school teachers

• Improve cooperation between schools and police



The actual session (excluding preparation and follow-up) lasts approx. 80 minutes.

Project overview

First, teachers at participating schools can receive an introduction to the topic of Salafism and Islamic terrorism from an Islam scholar. Students should also be introduced to the topic before the actual session takes place. The school itself is responsible for preparing the students for the session, for instance by incorporating the topic into lessons or project days. The Department of Intercultural Education and Integration (ABI) in Mönchengladbach can provide guidance here if required. Alongside highly emotive media reports and first-hand experiences, the actual session also provides comprehensive information on Salafism and Islamic terrorism. After the session the students in the class have the opportunity to ask the speaker questions. It is then the responsibility of the school to provide subsequent follow-up work and go deeper into the issues raised.
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Student evaluation

92.5% of students asked were in favour of repeating the session every year! Reasons for this included the following:

• It is more effective than a normal lesson

• It clarifies the differences between Salafism and Islam

• It raises awareness amongst vulnerable people

• It has a preventative effect

• It provokes thought on the topic

• It is informative

• It prevents prejudice

• It is a good way to raise awareness

• Students with a Muslim background experience appreciation of their religion


Filmpaket “Wie wollen wir leben?“ (2015)

Das Filmpaket “Wie wollen wir leben?” bietet Materialien, Methoden und Anregungen zu Themen, an die sich Pädagog/innen in Schule und Jugendarbeit oft nicht heranwagen...

Teaching materials


General literature on Islam


  • Hartmut Bobzin, Der Koran. Eine Einführung. H.Beck, Aufl. 7, München 2007
  • Harmut Bobzin, Mohammed, H. Beck, Aufl. 4, München 2011
  • Heinz Halm, Der Islam. Geschichte und Gegenwart.H.Beck, Aufl. 4, München 2004

In Depth

  • Thomas Bauer, Die Kultur der Ambiguität. Eine andere Geschichte des Islams. Berlin 2011.
  • Angelika Neuwirth, Der Koran als Text der Spätantike. Ein europäischer Zugang. Berlin 2010.
  • Schmidt-Leukel, Perry, Religious Pluralism and Interreligious Theology, 2017

Koran translation

  • Muhammad Asad, Die Botschaft des Koran, Übersetzung und Kommentar, Patmos Verlag 2009
  • Hartmut Bobzin, Der Koran, H.Beck 2010
  • Ahmad Milad Karimi, Der Koran, Herder 2016


Polizeipräsidium Mönchengladbach

Krefelder Straße 555
41066 Mönchengladbach

Telefon: 02161 29-12500 o. 12511
Telefax: 02161 29-12509


Stadt Mönchengladbach
Fachbereich 40, Schule und Sport
ABI – Arbeitsstelle für interkulturelle Bildung und Integration

Fliehtstraße 90
41061 Mönchengladbach

Telefon: 02161 25-53784
Telefax: 02161 25-53798


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